New cryptocurrency 2018 - Wincoin

Posted by ouyang on Feb 02 , 2018

11th November 2017, the day Wincoin (WC) officially debut the international trading platform ( On our first day, Wincoin (WC) multiplied to a maximum of 3000 times, a new player in town - a force to be reckon with!

"What is Wincoin?"

Wincoin is an encrypted digital asset - a cryptocurrency based on blockchain technology. Cryptocurrency is said to be THE fiercest wealth wave in the financial world, after real estate. 

When it comes to encrypting digital assets, we must revisit the history of cryptocurrency's predecessor - bitcoin (Bitcoin), where eight years ago nobody was even interested in bitcoin but today, not everybody can afford to own even one bitcoin.

So, what is bitcoin? 

Bitcoin is a set of well-designed open-source code.

Why is this string of open-source code so valuable? 

As a matter of fact, the blockchain technology behind it determines the value of its coin. 

Bitcoin marks the birth of cryptocurrency and the paradigm shift of worldwide payment system.  It is the first decentralized digital currency where the system works independent without having to depend on a central bank or a single administrator.  Their network is a peer-to-peer direct transaction between users, without having a need for an intermediary.

The decentralization of the Bitcoin blockchain has truly liberated people's wealth - the one who possesses a "mining machine" to "mine" will and can be the issuer of Bitcoin. These assets are also not subjected to any Human control. Another positive is that it will never be stolen or taken away by anyone nor any organization.  With this innovation of uncontrolled banking system, basically free up the heavy, time-consuming with costly clearing & settlement process of the old banking system, thus becoming a major inertia to every country's government and financial circles.

A priceless new technology is born.